Do you ever feel dry or itchy after taking a shower and you have to use lotion or moisturizer after showers to avoid itchiness and skin irritation? Does your hair feel rough and tangled after a shower? Does water from your faucets flow in fewer volumes and pressure as it used to when it was new? Do you find spots on glasses and utensils washed in the dishwasher?

Well, if your answer to the above questions was in the affirmative, then you are very much like suffering from a hard water problem. Worry not, however, this should not be considered an epidemic, and you will not be quarantined.

Water is described as “hard water” when it is high in dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium. The amount of mineral percentage contained in water determines its level of hardness. This water does not make your stomach ache nor is it a health hazard but it is a huge nuisance, and we shall be looking at three simple tricks to soften hard water at home quickly.


To make hard water more user-friendly and less irritable, we use water softening machines called water softeners whose price ranges between 600-800 USD for the mid-lower range category. However, here, our primary concern is to save you that extra buck so we will only be needing Washing soda, Detergent booster, and some warm water.


it is important to remember that water softening is right for you in all aspects; this includes your softer skin, softer hair, brighter colors on laundry after washing, longer lasting heating equipment, not forgetting getting those scum stains off your tile surfaces glassware and utensils.

Step One (for drinking)

  • Bring the water to boil in a pot.
  • Let it boil for some time 10-15 minutes, and white ash-like precipitate mineral residues will be seen at the bottom of the pot
  • Let the water cool to room temperature or Luke-warm depending on your immediate useĀ·
  • Scoop the water from the pot or siphon to leave the precipitate behind.

For drinking purpose, pour the water back and forth from two containers five times to remove air lost to boiling.

Step two (for laundry and general purpose cleaning)

You are going to need –

  • A clean container, preferably one the size of a jug of approximately one-liter capacity
  • Laundry Booster from your local supply shop or find one at Amazon
  • Washing Soda
  1. Add 200 grams of washing soda to the container
  2. Add 100grams of Washing soda to the container
  3. Add warm water to half full in the container

Step three (How to use)

  • Secure the container and shake well until the mix is even and the Laundry Booster and Washing Soda have fully dissolved in the water.
  • Add water to fill the container and shake once more
  • Store and use this mixture in scoops of a cup for every wash load of laundry or general purpose cleaning.

You could always swap the Laundry booster with a scented one for your clothes to give that extra cost-effective fragrance to your clothes.


Did you love this method? If so, leave a comment on your results. Get creative with these easy do it yourself method soften your life with this simple yet effective method. Remember if you want constant flowing soft water you will need to install a system for softening your water. Visit your local plumber for more solutions.

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